49 Park Lane

49 Park Lane was a high-profile project located opposite the Dorchester Hotel. Two types of precast panel were specified; a concrete panel to form the inner leaf of the limestone external wall and a reconstituted stone panel which formed the external face of the rear elevation. For the reconstituted panels, colouring had to be as close a match as possible to the lime stone cladding which covered the other elevations. Achieving the coloured match proved a challenge and involved a number of experiments mixing different colours and quantities of stone dust.

Storage space was very limited so deliveries were made on a just-in-time basis and scheduled to be lifted straight off the lorries on to the wall, which caused many logistical issues, particularly with the allocation of the shared crane time. Another problem that had to be overcome was the party wall restrictions and construction sequence that prevented scaffold being erected, meaning that all the works had to be carried out from inside the building. All these constraints were overcome to ensure that I-W completed the works to the client's satisfaction.

49 Park Lane
United Kingdom