Emirates Stadium

It was at Arsenal’s prestigious £275m, 60,000-seat stadium in North London that I-W first developed the idea of building the supporting windpost inside the wall, by cleverly cutting and shaping the blocks around it. In conjunction, a cost-effective headless cantilever post was designed for low-level walls to cope with the potential for high crowd loading. Together they avoided the usual complications of fireproofing and provided a much superior, seamless, maintenance-free finish.

It was no surprise that the project picked up the Building Awards Building Project of the Year 2007. “It was the project that most integrated design and construction,” said chairman of the judges Robin Nicholson. “The whole process was an example of how important teamwork should be to a project, with everyone from the client to the contractor and subcontractors coming together and working successfully to ensure the project was completed on time and under budget. The way that this team tackled design changes should be a lesson to the industry.”

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Emirates Stadium
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