Lawn House, Burbage

I-W has been involved in the development of the UK’s first private ecohouse using prefabricated brick and block cavity walls, built to achieve Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. 

Lawn House in Burbage, Leicestershire, could have a direct impact on the future of housebuilding in the UK by offering a solution to creating sustainable mass housing more efficiently. Designer Penny Shankar found inspiration at the Hanson EcoHouse on a visit to the BRE Innovation Park in Watford to explore the concept of prefabricated masonry panels. 

The system increases the speed of on-site installation, improves quality and accuracy and has minimal impact on the surrounding environment. 

The tailor-made panels, weighing between four and five tonnes each, consist of a brickwork outer leaf, insulation and a 100mm Thermalite inner leaf. The wall-tie specification and special thin joint mortar ensure that the prefabricated panels can be constructed, lifted and transported to site and installed without any damage.

United Kingdom