Procession House

Situated in the shadow of St Paul's Cathedral, the Procession House project presented us with numerous challenges. The masonry elements of the facade - terracotta, stone and brick - were to be entirely pre-constructed off-site and then attached as one piece spandrel or column units, outside of the largely external structural steel frame.

Attention to detail was vital, as in almost every instance the occupants of the building had a close-up view of the back of each panel. The curved terracotta clad spandrel units, in particular those above the main Ludgate Hill entrance, proved to be the most awkward as additional stiffening sections needed to be attached to the stainless steel backing plate to increase stability.

The Procession House project provided a terrific opportunity for us to showcase our skills, and is a great example of what can be achieved with traditional cladding materials.

Procession House
1 Ludgate Circus
United Kingdom