Precast panels

Precast panels are constructed off-site and craned into position to provide a speedy solution to covering a large area of walling in a short period of time. The panels are fixed back to the structure using steel frames, angles and cleats bolted to either the steel beams or concrete slab. Installing these before the panels are lifted into place reduces the time spent on installation with the panels being held in position.

  • Offers both external and inner leaf walling solutions
  • Covers large areas of walling in short duration
  • Enhanced quality control due to fabrication in off-site facility
  • Mass produced in a selection of colours and finishes
  • Production and Installation largely unaffected by weather

As with our prefabricated masonry, these panels are perfect for logistically constrained projects as the fabrication process is carried out off-site and installation can be done without the need for scaffolding.

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