I-W is an approved installer of various rainscreen cladding systems including ArGeTon, Corium, Red Bank LockClad sigma and many more. We offer a wide range of  aesthetically pleasing designs, providing both a ventilated rainscreen and a decorative coloured facade. They can be installed on new build as well as refurbishment projects.

Red Bank.

Systems are easily fixed to the structure of any building, either from fixed access platforms such as scaffolding, or from a mobile platform like a mast climber or mobile elevated working platforms. These systems are fixed to a framed backing structure. usually timber or steel framing, with aluminium support rail. This allows for a great deal of potential to accommodate existing building tolerances.

I-W is able to offer designed detail solutions to accommodate all architectural details, such as windows, doorframes, flashing, coping, vapour barriers, cavity insulation and many more.

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