Stone masonry

Throughout the company’s history, I-W has been involved in some interesting and very intricate, high-profile stone projects, including new build projects and refurbishment works across the whole country using varying types of stone. We can offer a very high standard of finish with the knowledgeable and experienced team of masons we employ.

A good example is the refurbishment and extension of the St Pancras Chambers hotel. This project uses a vast range of stone to match existing stone from the main station. The refurbishment works are being undertaken by our expert team of stone-masons, working and hand carving on-site from stone block to match exactly with the existing profiles, a very delicate and skilled operation.

The main works to the hotel west wing is new build and this has to match the west side buildings I-W built previously in 2006. The stone is manufactured and installed to extremely high tolerances to achieve the required finish.

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